Welcome to Milwaukee's East Side Action team!

We are creating a Democratic action neighborhood team for the upper East Side. This team will work to support Democratic candidates at the local, state and federal level for the 2018 elections, including Tammy Baldwin for Senate, Josh Kaul for Attorney General, and whichever Democratic gubernatorial candidate wins the primary on August 14th. 

Coordinated Campaign Organizer: 

Alex Peterson, alexp@wisdems.org, 414-294-9275


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"Come join me and Milwaukee's East Side Democrats to support candidates at the local, state and federal level for the 2018 elections - sign up at http://www.eastsideaction.org! "


Upcoming Events:

Sign up for canvassing here: 

Oct 20th - https://events.mobilizeamerica.io/dpw/event/48114/

Oct 21st - https://events.mobilizeamerica.io/dpw/event/48053/

Nov 3rd - https://events.mobilizeamerica.io/dpw/event/48092/

Nov 4th - https://events.mobilizeamerica.io/dpw/event/48069/

Nov 5th - https://events.mobilizeamerica.io/dpw/event/48060/

Nov 6th - https://events.mobilizeamerica.io/dpw/event/48056/


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East Side Action Map.png

East Side Ward Map

We will be canvassing and phone banking in the following Milwaukee election wards: 127-136 and 179-180.

Yard Signs:

To obtain a yard sign for Tammy Baldwin or Gwen Moore, contact Alex Peterson, alexp@wisdems.org, 414-294-9275